Sandhurst Diocese Co-ordinator for Caritas Australia

kerry stone 350pxKerry Stone is the inspirational and dynamic Diocesan Coordinator for Caritas Australia, Catholic Mission, Australian Catholic Social Justice Council, Migrant & Refugee Office, Aboriginal Catholic Ministry and Earthcare. This is a voluntary position Kerry has developed over the past 15 years. At national level, Kerry was appointed to the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council in 2007.

Kerry’s passionate belief that “action for justice and participation in the transformation of the world… is a constitutive dimension of the preaching of the Gospel” (Rome Synod of Bishops 1971) has led her to:
• Promote and educate about the role of the Church’s official justice agencies in schools and parishes, contributing to amazingly generous responses.
• Develop and resource a network of parish justice representatives and share in the initiation of a Diocesan Social Justice Committee.
• Present adult formation and student workshops on Catholic social teaching.
• Collaborate with the Catholic Education Office to establish annual senior secondary Justice Matters Camps and facilitate Just Leadership Days for primary and secondary students.
• Be a driving force behind ‘Spirituality in the Pub’ for enthusiastic conversations about ‘things that matter’, with a bias towards justice issues.
• With Caritas National Office, support and develop diocesan school initiatives such as Caritas Ks, an awareness raising fundraiser now popular for many schools.

At parish level, Kerry has been involved in liturgy planning, particularly music ministry, for 25 years, working regularly with young singers inspired to participate by her joyful enthusiasm.

Kerry is a pharmacist by profession, although this career has taken backstage as her commitment to raising the profile of our church’s official justice agencies, and the centrality of justice to our mission as Catholics, has grown over the last 15 years to a full-time job! Kerry is strongly supported in her dream for a just world by her family Col, Anthony, Catherine and Clare.