Bishop tomlinson 350px-2-largeOne of the many fine bodies I have found serving the Diocese of Sandhurst is the Diocesan Development Fund. Many dioceses are blessed with the services of a development fund, and perhaps for some this service is taken for granted..

For the last 30 years, Sandhurst has been fortunate to have the Diocesan Development Fund, founded by the late Bishop Noel Daly. I say that we are fortunate in that the Fund has operated over that period with the benefit of the sound advice from the Board of experienced and prudent members. This has resulted in the growth of the Fund and the service of the Catholic Community.

Through its operation, the DDF has been able to access monies to make them available to schools and other Church projects, at very reasonable rates of interest, and to enable projects to proceed, that at a higher interest rate would not have been possible or would have been much more limited in their scope. It takes little reflection to recognise how beneficial this has been to the work of the Church in Catholic Education, health and parish projects.

I offer my heartfelt thanks to the Board of DDF and its Secretary, for another year of great achievement and service of the Church and to you the people of the Diocese for your support of DDF.

Yours sincerely in Christ,

Leslie Tomlinson.
Bishop of Sandhurst.

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