Statement from Bishop Leslie Tomlinson - re Same Sex Marriage - Media release 10th August 2017

Statement from Bishop Leslie Tomlinson – re Same Sex Marriage

For many years there has been a push to redefine marriage to include unions other than one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others.
The discussion has often become emotional and sometimes disrespectful on both sides of the debate.

The Catholic Church’s concern is first and foremost the wellbeing of all people. While our definition and teaching on marriage is well known, indeed our view has been clearly defined for almost 2000 years, our view is that each person, regardless of their ethnicity, creed, gender, sexuality, age or ability  is worthy of dignity and respect.

As the secular society seeks to answer the question as to whether it redefines marriage, I pray that we treat each other with respect and not resort to emotive or insulting language or behaviour. I believe this is the best way forward for society to hold a meaningful and fruitful discussion. By restricting ourselves to emotional arguments, we ignore exploring the deeper effects of changing the definition and restrict ourselves to a superficial level of debate.

For a detailed explanation of the Catholic Church’s view on marriage and why we believe the current definition should remain, read the Pastoral Letter ‘Don’t Mess with Marriage’ available on the Sandhurst Diocese website at:

I am happy to be quoted from this document.

Bishop Les Tomlinson DD
Bishop of Sandhurst

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