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The Way of the Cross

WayOfTheCross 350The Way of the Cross was historically a feature of many Easter Festivals in Bendigo. 2020 was the 150th Anniversary year of the establishment of the Bendigo Easter Fair Society, and it was thought appropriate to bring back some of the major attractions which had been celebrated at past Easter Festivals as part of the 150th Festival. In 2018, the Bendigo Easter Fair Society Inc. invited The Way of the Cross Committee to re-enact The Way of the Cross.

Sadly, as we all know only too well, the COVID-19 pandemic meant there was no Easter Festival in 2020, and this year the festivities will be very limited. There will be no parades and most of the entertainment will be ticketed and gated to ensure COVID-safe compliance.

The Way of the Cross Committee is determined to produce this important witness of Christian faith in 2022. “We continue to be grateful for all those who have supported the production, both financially and in prayer, and we look forward to that continued support in 2021,” said Chair, Mr David Wright.

“Vern Wall, a well-recognised Theatre Director, has volunteered his services to bring together the 2022 production and we are all very excited, as we retreat from the pandemic to find a first-class cast to honour the message that the production will bring to the people of Greater Bendigo,” said Mr Wright.

“A technical team to support the production has been assembled by Richard Murphy while Assistant Director, Spencer McWilliam has continued to arrange for a rehearsal venue at the Baptist Church. The City of Greater Bendigo has been keen to support the production with road closures, etc. and we look forward to their continued assistance during the 2022 production.

Our way of life has been impacted by the pandemic and 2022 will present a fresh opportunity to reinvigorate our freedom to stage street theatre in Bendigo on Good Friday, 2022,” said Mr Wright.