Sandhurst Diocese Adult Faith Education Reference Group

The Sandhurst Diocese Adult Faith Education Reference Group, established in 2008, recognizes that Adult Faith Education in our diocese is built upon, and seeks to continue, the vibrant ministry and achievements of Faith Education Sandhurst, established in 1993 by Fr Michael Goonan and Ms Anna Tuck and developed by other diocesan personnel. FES served the people of Sandhurst for many years, supporting growth in faith and formation for ministry.  The Adult Faith Education Reference Group works with the Adult Faith Education Coordinator to implement the Diocesan Strategic Plan with particular reference to Goal 5, Lifelong Faith Formation and Education:

Faith Education Sandhurst Directors and Coordinators during the years 1993 - 2004

Fr Michael Goonan
Mrs Anna Tuck
Fr Gerard Gallagher
Ms Vivienne Williams

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Psalms and readings from the Liturgy of the Hours, and Mass readings.

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20 Jul

with Mrs Loretta Lilford& Sr Helen Glasheen RSM

What might we expect, and what can we do, when someone we care about is dying?

How may we accompany them on during this precious final journey?
3 Aug
03.08.2019 10:00 am - 3:30 pm
Choose 4 workshops with expert presenters from our Diocese o help us to grow in awareness of different prayer forms


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