Sandpiper: May - June 2020

SANDPIPER MAY-JUNE 2020 CatholicCare’s services more accessible and necessary than ever ... 4 Greater Bendigo’s new Catholic school location revealed ... 5 Caritas and Catholic Mission continue to serve the most vulnerable ... 6-7 “Please Change”: What Sandhurst Catholics said about the Plenary Council Phase 1: Listening and Dialogue ... 8 Part II: Monsignor Peter Jeffrey Oration ... 18 Bishops Entrusted Australia to Our Lady Help of Christians ... 12 They Carried a Shroud to Calvary... 14 Jackson’s View from - Home ... 17 Aged care homes helping residents combat isolation ... 26 The Sandpiper is the official publication of the Catholic Diocese of Sandhurst. It aims to develop a sense of community, linking faith and life through dialogue. To receive a hard copy for yourself or someone you know, please call the Editor, Jordan Grantham, on 03 5445 3610. Contact details for the Catholic Diocese of Sandhurst can be found on the DiocesanWebsite: www. au Disclaimer: views respresented are not necessarily held by the CDS. A long tradition of rising to the challenge! Parishes and ministries reach out Unlike anything we’ve seen: the deadly Spanish flu, circa 1916-1918, is the nearest Australia has come to the experience of COVID-19. One response from the Church was to have outdoor Masses on the steps of Sacred Heart Cathedral, Bendigo. Photo: Sandhurst Diocesan Archives WHEN St Paul arrived in Athens, with the Good News of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, he walked around the city before going to thae Areopagus, the stone platform where speakers addressed the crowds: “Men of Athens,” he said, “I see that in every way you are very religious. For as I walked around and examined your objects of worship, I even found an altar with the inscription: To an unknown God. Therefore what you worship as something unknown, I now proclaim to you. The God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth and does not live in temples made by human hands” (Acts 17:23-24). Paul travelled thousands of kilometres by land and sea, changing plans according to circumstances and promptings of the Spirit. Paul had a great capacity for adaptation. In each new place, he gained a sense of local culture and circumstances. He used familiar means and media to connect with people and share his message... Readmore about how parishes and ministries are proclaiming the Gospel in chaotic times, based on a rich tradition, on page 3. Lyn Breen, from Adult Faith Education Sandhurst unpacks the rich history of evangelisation amid chaos.