Sandpiper: Catholic Diocese of Sandhurst

News December 2018 – Pages 16 & 17 RELAX 17 >> Crossword ACROSS 1 Charles Dickens’ yule- tide novel (1,9,5) 7 Property to grow food and raise animals (4) 9 To enclose a picture or photo to display (7) 11 Initials for dates before the birth of the Saviour (1.1) 14 Character in 1 Across (3,8) 15 Exclamation of surprise (3) 16 One of Santa’s magical helpers (3) 17 Comical imitators (9) 19 The lyrics writer of Silent Night (5.6) 22 To cut wood (3) 24 Floral garland (3) 25 The Great War last century (5,3,3) 26 In the year of the Lord (1,1) 27 Common South American rodents (7) 28 To worry or a bar on stringed instrument (4) 29 Mean spirited character in 1 Across (8,7) DOWN 1 Friendly and courteous (7) 2 A spirit popular among sailors (3) 3 Boy character in 1 Across (4,3) 4 Father of Isaac (7) 5 Wonder or reverential fear (3) 6 Readers at Mass (7) 8 Vitamin B2 10 Bone in the hand (10) 12 Teacher of but complete contrast to 29 Across (2,8) 13 The musical composer of Silent Night (6,4) 18 A debt document (1,1,1) 19 Leafy part of a tree (7) 20 Make a different airflight from the original ticket (7) 21 Friends, especially at school (7) 23 To form into a circular arrangement of flowers for funerals or Advent (7) 27 A girl’s name (3) 28 Former senator and wife of former Queensland Premier (3)) Solution Page 22 “Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day.” (1 Corinthians 15:3-5) By Julie Moore St Mary of the Angels Secondary College, Nathalia ST Mary of the Angels Secondary College unveiled its new purpose built Year 7 Learning Centre – San Rufino – recently with spe- cial guests Bishop Leslie Tomlinson, Sister Carmel Spratt and the Honourable Damian Drum officiating the ceremony. The $1.6 million purpose built learning space began construction in February this year with current Year 7 stu- dents being accommodated in alternative areas of the school for the duration of the construction. The building’s thematic concept surrounds the origi- nal San Rufino Cathedral in Assisi, Italy as well as the Catholic tradition of water, symbolising new beginnings. Elements of the building draw references to these tradi- tions, as well as the school’s proximity to the Broken Creek. St Mary of the Angels Secondary College Assistant to the Principal Learning and Teaching, Bev Thorp said, “At St Mary of the Angels we engage in contemporary practice based on authentic, research-based pedagogies to provide our students with the best learning opportunities to enable them to achieve their maximum potential. “Part of this practice is implementing collaborative learning spaces such as the design spaces, found in the new Year 7 Learning Centre. Shared learning experiences benefit the learning of both individuals and the group by promoting a desire for learning as well as encouraging social and emotional intelligence. “By providing flexible set- tings we can enable groupings of students according to need, our teachers can work together to identify and respond to particular student needs and students are able to develop deeper learning by using knowledge in different and unique ways. “The aim of open learn- ing spaces is to allow greater capabilities for team teaching. When teachers collaborate, they improve their individual and collective capacities to improve teaching and learning experiences overall.” Doors open From left, St Mary of the Angels Secondary College Principal, Matt Carver, Bishop Leslie Tomlinson, College Student Leaders Jack Holt, Ryan Wallace and Bridget Seiter and Federal Member for Murray, Damian Drum.