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WWW.SANDPIPER.ORG.AU JULY 2019 18 La Trobe’s Regional Benefits Program empowers high achieving students from regional communities to live, study and thrive in regional Victoria. If you come from a regional school and scored an ATAR of 80 or higher, you are guaranteed a place in your chosen course 1 subject to meeting all course requirements 2,3 including course prerequisites, offered at one of La Trobe’s Bendigo, Albury-Wodonga, Mildura or Shepparton campuses. Your guaranteed place will include the benefits of the program and a scholarship of up to $5,000 a year (see details below). In addition, you’ll have access to opportunities and a supportive network to help you explore your passion. The Regional Benefits Program will set you up for success and help you make the most of your university experience. You will: y surround yourself with like-minded students – your high-achieving friends will be your support network for years to come y attend workshops and seminars that prepare you to be a leader in your field y stack up your industry experience with a guaranteed Work Integrated Learning (WIL) opportunity y receive a grant to study overseas y fast-track your success with all the other opportunities that come your way. Eligibility You’re eligible if you: 1. have completed Years 11 and 12 at a school in an area classified by the Australian Standard Geographical Classification Remoteness Area (ASGC-RA) as RA2 to RA5 2. scored an ATAR of 80 or higher 2,3 – not including adjustment factors 3. meet all the subject-specific pre-requisites and are accepted to your chosen course at one of La Trobe’s regional campuses. Applications accepted via VTAC and UAC only. Take advantage of the guaranteed benefits Kickstart your university experience with scholarships, opportunities and a caring network of like-minded students to set you up for success. Membership to our elite program You’ll be a member of the La Trobe Student Excellence Academy, which recognises and rewards diverse forms of excellence and nurtures the next generation of leaders. We offer: y tailored leadership development seminars y targeted career support y priority access to industry mentoring and work placements y opportunities to represent La Trobe at national and international events y connection to a network of outstanding students across all our campuses y opportunities to explore your passions and extend yourself into new areas Guaranteed grant for overseas study All regional campus students who are eligible for international exchange are guaranteed to receive a Student Mobility Grant of at least $1000 for a semester overseas. Smaller scholarships are also available for shorter international programs. Experience work and industry Get priority placements in the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program. La Trobe guarantees you the opportunity to participate in a work placement program in the second or third year of your degree. We’ll place you in an exciting and interesting organisation to watch, learn and apply your theoretical knowledge to your chosen industry. Like to know more? Visit or speak to a consultant by calling 1300 135 045 or booking a one-on-one consultation at Study at a regional campus and be rewarded for your ATAR Check out added ATAR adjustments available for Dentistry students and what’s on offer for Biomedical Science (Medical) Students. Visit: Regional Scholarships Get an ATAR of 80 or above and you will be guaranteed an automatic scholarship of up to $5000 annually following enrolment. ATAR 80 – 94.95: $2,000 Annual scholarship ATAR 95+: $5,000 Annual scholarship Excludes students applying for Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Medical). The path ahead starts here 1. Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Medical) does not receive guaranteed entry or scholarship funding however, students can take advantage of other benefits where applicable. 2. 85 ATAR guarantees entry into Bachelor of Dental Science (Honours) excluding adjustment factors based on regional location. 3. 85 ATAR required for Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Physiotherapy Practice. CRICOS Provider 00115M ICON12124