Sandpiper: May - June 2020

Guatemala Earthquake 2018 Relief and Clean Water The recovery and relief for the aftermath are in few stages. Starting with the Emergency Stage from June 4, 2018, a day after the tragedy, until mid-August of that same year which focused on the search and immediate relief to the victims of the earthquake. Recovery is still continuing to this day where the victims are to be relocated. Senegal Lepers at Koutal village. Sr. Veronique Sene reports on the ongoing project for these marginalized people. “The aim of this project is to take care of the lepers, those who are in the pavilion and those who live in the village. The sisters buy drugs and food for them and pay the hospitalization cost when one of them is sick. Twice a year they change their mattresses, and mats, and buy the shroud when they die.” OUR LADY OF SACRED HEART SCHOOL, Kaolack. Thanks to your help, we were able to get 90 bench tables for two classes and repaired 4 doors that were broken. The children are in good conditions and safe. Sr Clotilde, fndsc Quartier SONATEL/SENEGAL Sr. Madeleine DIONE tells us; “With the help of the Australian MSC Mission, connexions have been placed to bring water in the houses. Women and children are so relieved as they no longer walk long distances looking for clean water.” Bushfire Appeal We have identified three families at this stage for assistance:  A mother and son from Balmoral who lost everything except the house which was damaged. The son in Year 11 has had to assume role of the father in house and carry out land repair. We will pay his fees of $5,000 for this year.  A staff member from Thirlmere whose house was damaged with all the outside structures destroyed. Insurance is covering some of the cost but not all, so we will assist with a $1500 grant  A part time staff member from Kangaroo Valley, whose wife ran a business which was totally destroyed. She has no income and she has had to refund deposits for 40 weddings booked for this year. We will assist with a $5000 start-up grant. Mr Chris McDermott, Principal Contributions for this Appeal have been varied and impressive; to date totalling $44,520 with funds available in our Domestic Project Account. Many people have contributed in small and large amounts, for which we are very grateful. Most notably a lady on her 70 th birthday gave $5000.00. with others giving varying amounts. The MSC Pacific Union gave $2000.00 with the comment: “We are very happy to reach out to our brothers and sisters who are in need at this time, particularly the victims of the bush fire. Fr. Tamati Sefo msc”. Our confreres in the Netherlands gave €8000 ($13,733). Fr Boni Umba from Mt Hagen, PNG, sent $50 and comments; “The contribution is not enough, as his small parish group came with small amounts”. The government has stopped some funds for the schools so “many parents are having a hard time. We had a small gathering, according to these poor families … to contribute to the families affected by the bushfire.” And the people of Daru-Kiunga Diocese in PNG gave $306.00 though Bishop Gilles. We thank everyone for their generous support. “MAY YOU LIVE AS LONG AS YOU WANT, AND NEVER WANT AS LONG AS YOU LIVE” IRISH BLESSING