Sandpiper: May - June 2020

1. Donations can be made via webpage: 2. You can contact us through our email address 3. Our social media links: MISSION OFFICE RELOCATION In late 2019 we were offered a new site for our Office in the Chevalier Resources Centre in what was known as the “Blue Room”. This is a beautiful big room, with large windows and a great outlook. An offer too good to refuse! After appropriate discussions and hours of work, we moved our entire operation. In the Monastery we had workspace, files, books and more, spread in five different rooms, on three levels. We now have everything in the one space, plenty of room for all the staff to work, for meetings and with room to spare. It is a great space to work, giving new life to our work, and I love it!! Mass Kits, Rosaries, Vestments : These are important ways to help build up the young local church in many countries and greatly appreciated by the people there. Priests in remote areas can easily carry the Mass Kit on motorbikes, dinghies and backpacks. The Papua New Guinea Mission Office Board accepting Mass Kits, Rosaries and other gifts from Australia. Mass Kits and vestments will go to newly ordained priests and the Rosaries given out at parish visits over the weekend. Michael Lau- New Director of Papua New Guinea Mission Office We are happy to welcome Fr Michael Lau msc as the new Mission Office Director for Papua New Guinea taking over from Fr Fabian Manukialona msc. Projects officer Sean Donovan travelled to Port Moresby to assist with training and setting up Michael with our systems and processes. The 2-mile community were also graced with a visit by Cardinal John Ribat msc. Sean’s follow up trip is postponed for the moment Projects Approved Past 12 Months COUNTRY Total AUSTRALIA $110,061 BRAZIL $25,000 BURKINA FASO $84,300 CAMEROON $259,606 CONGO DR $184,900 FIJI $38,290 INDIA $363,500 INDONESIA $9,073 KIRIBATI $157,000 NAURU $45,706 NEPAL $12,700 PAKISTAN $1,000 PAPUA NEW GUINEA $198,356 PHILIPPINES $122,100 SAMOA $5,500 SENEGAL $82,900 SOLOMON ISLANDS $72,400 SOUTH AFRICA $151,163 SOUTH SUDAN $70,100 SRI LANKA $120,000 TIMOR LESTE $10,200 UGANDA $21,300 VIETNAM $100,350 Grand Total $2,245,505 DO YOU WORK FROM YOUR COMPUTER?