Sandpiper: May - June 2020

CHEVALIER PRESS BOOKS All mail to: Mr. Peter MacInante (Manager) Chevalier Press PO Box 13, Kensington NSW 2033 Phone 9662 7894 Email: Passing from Life to Life: Giving Life to Others: Bequests and Wills As we care for people during our life, so we can continue to care after our death. The Mission Office supports people in need in many parts of the world and will give funds as willed by the donor. Continue your life after your life, help us to give life to others. Contact us if you wish to leave something to support the MSC Mission Office Projects and please ask your legal adviser to add: MSC Mission Office Australia Incorporated ABN 28 988 744 595 PAUL STENHOUSE MSC Whatever happened to the Relics of our Lord's Passion and Death $15 Whatever happened to the 12 Apostles? $20 Set of both books above $30 Annals Almanac of Catholic Curiosities $12 Why Do Catholics….? $12 Catholic Answers to Bible Christians I $15 Catholic Answers to Bible Christians (in Spanish) $15 Catholic Answers to Bible Christians II $15 Understanding Catholicism (set of 10 booklets) $35 All prices include GST. Please note POSTAGE EXTRA* Name: __________________________________________ Address: ________________________________________ * Ring (02) 9662 7894 for Postage cost Suburb ______________________________ PostCode__________ Tel: __________________________ Total Amount:__________  Payment Enclosed  Bill Me  Visa Card  Master Card  Signature______________________________________ Expiry date:____________ Called to Mission: MSC Vocation The Mission of the Church to evangelize, to bring the Good News to all people, is still urgent and vital in our world. Many people disregard God, religion and the needs of our sisters and brothers. The MSC continue to bring the Good News to people in 28 countries. We help people to live out what it means to be the love of Jesus in the world, Do you want a mission in life? Do you want a life of mission? Come and join us in this great endeavour. Fr Frank Dineen msc Email : Tel: (02) 9665 8999