Sandhurst Diocese 'Care for Creation'


Pope Francis has invited Catholic people everywhere to join the Season of Creation 2020, a year that marks the fifth anniversary of the encyclical ‘On Care for Our Common Home,’ Laudato Si. In the Sandhurst Diocese Bishop Shane Mackinlay has endorsed the first Sandhurst Diocese ‘Care for Creation’ Statement, prepared to encourage a greater appreciation of Creation and a deeper understanding of our responsibility for its care.  pdf Download Bishop Shane's letter here. (108 KB) The Statement is available in more than one format, to help make it easily accessible. In addition to a pdf plain text format (2.46 MB) , pdf a presentation booklet (9.54 MB) , which can be read online and printed for those who would like a hard copy.

For each week of the Season of Creation a short slide show (2-4 minutes, online) will present a section of the ‘Care for Creation’ Statement, followed by prayer and reflection questions for individuals and online discussion groups. The focus for the Feast of St Francis of Assisi 4th October, will be ‘What can we do?’

The Statement was prepared at the request of the Sandhurst Diocese Adult Faith Education Reference Group by a working group whose members are: Sr Cecilia Merrigan (Chair), Kerry Stone (Sandhurst Justice / Caritas incorporating Catholic Earthcare), Kylie Smith (Catholic Education Sandhurst) and Lyn Breen (Adult Faith Education Sandhurst).

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Season of Creation 2020 Slide shows: Short slide shows that introduced the Sandhurst ‘Care for Creation’ Statement in sections for each week of the ‘Season of Creation’ are presented here for viewing as slide shows or pdf. For individual or group reflection, each slide show concludes with reflection questions and a prayer from Pope Francis.  Click Read more to find Slide Show and pdfs for all weeks.

book of prayer 125pxThis is a book of prayers based on paragraphs of Pope Francis’ 2015 encyclical Laudato Si (‘On Care for Our Common Home’).

The prayers are for everyone, including Parish Teams and Pastoral Councils, families, small groups and individuals.

Click to view as a flipping book or to download the pdf pdf (8.83 MB)