Coat of Arms

The Bishop’s Hat and tassels are traditionally green and are above and around the shield. The six tassels on each side indicate that he is a Bishop (Archbishops have 10 and Cardinals 15 per side). The Cross is below and behind the shield and reaches down to the scroll which contains the Bishop’s Motto.

On the shield are three white stars of the Grech family emblem. The Tree is the Cedar of Lebanon a symbol of the house of God (Ezek 17:3ff) and of prosperity and strength (Ps 29:5, 92:13).

On the right are three flames a sign of the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The book is the bible, the Word of God is Christ. The letters Alpha and Omega (the first and last of the Greek alphabet) symbolise Christ as the beginning and end of all. The two-edged sword is also a symbol of the Word of God which is alive and active, cutting finely and laying bare the thoughts and intentions of the heart (Hebr 4:14).

The Cross of Malta (birthplace of Bishop Joseph) is displayed in the red and white colours of the Maltese flag. The Southern Cross is a symbol of Australia.

The Motto “Come Lord Jesus” (Rev 22:20) is both an invitation for Christ to come again and a prayer of faith that he will come again into our hearts and at the end of time.

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