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FEBRUARY 2019 WWW.SANDPIPER.ORG.AU NEWS 5 CatholicCare Bendigo For some kids the new school year is a chance to get back into the social swing of things but, for other kids, it can be a stressful time that’s hard to cope with. There are some things to look out for which might clue you in that your child is having trouble managing stress levels. Extreme clinginess — Kids who were previously independent suddenly want to be around you all the time and don’t want to do activities or go to school alone. Problems sleeping — Nightmares, disturbed sleep and insomnia could all be signs that your child is suffering from school stress. Concentration problems — You may notice that it’s difficult to keep them engaged with homework, and you or their teacher may have concerns about their concentration in class. Regression — Stress can sometimes cause children to regress, and begin acting as though they are younger, with bed-wetting a common example. Withdrawn behaviour — Kids who are stressed can become exhausted in many instances, often leaving them very withdrawn among family and friends. Change in eating habits — Food can be a comfort for some children and an annoyance for others, so pay attention if your child suddenly wants to eat all the time or not at all. Overreactions to problems — Kids who are under stress can have very short fuses, so don’t ignore constant overreactions to small problems. Check in to see if your child is having problems with any of the following: • Feeling unsafe at school. • Problems socialising (cliques and groups). • Anxiety about performance. • Overwhelmed by expectations (from self or others). Dealing with school stress If you think that your child is suffering from too much school stress, there are some things you can do to help them along. 1. Talk openly with your child — The first thing to do is chat to your child about what’s worrying them and how they’re really feeling. It’s important to let them know you’re concerned about them and you want to help. 2. Discuss issues with your child’s teachers —When school is at the centre of your child’s reason for stress, make key players in that environment aware of the issues – keep that line of communication open. 3. Reduce stress where you can — High expectations at school can be very stressful. Be honest with yourself about what you expect from your child, and understand that they don’t have to be a high-performing student to be worthwhile. 4. Create a relaxed space — Create a stress free environment in the home. With help from your child, create a space at home where they can ‘detox’ from the day. For more support around your child’s concerns and worries at school you can speak to a Parenting Practitioner or attend our Tuning into Kids Program commencing on the February 28. Contact CCS Family and Relationship Services on 54381300 or visit to read our ‘What’s On Newsletter’ for more information. “Come and place your lamp on a stand. In the measure you give you shall receive” Mark 4:21-25 BENDIGO FUNERALS S IMON MULQUEEN When it comes to pre-paying your funeral there is no time like the present. When you pre-pay at today’s prices the interest earned by the fund over time will keep up with the rising cost of funerals. This means you will never pay any more on the contracted items and the Funeral Fund is exempt from the government’s Pension Asset and Income tests. There is no one more experienced in the Bendigo Funeral Industry than Simon Mulqueen . Simon has had a lifetime involvement in the business with almost 40 Years personal commitment. His early training was with his father, Peter Mulqueen for over 20 Years, and then after Peter’s death Simon was determined to carry on the high standards instilled in him by his father, ultimately establishing his own business, Bendigo Funerals in 2012. If you would like to discuss the many options available with Funerals and/or Pre-paid Funerals, contact Bendigo’s Pre-paid Funeral Expert ; Simon Mulqueen at Bendigo Funerals on 5444 0400 . Simon & Sue Mulqueen Catholic Funerals require Understanding, Knowledge and Experience in the Catholic tradition. Simon Mulqueen is proud to have been able to advise and guide Bendigo’s Catholic Community since first becoming a Funeral Director in 1980. Today Simon continues to offer quality, personal service through his own business, Bendigo Funerals. If you would like to discuss Pre-Paid Funeral options please contact Bendigo Funerals. 29 Miller Street, Flora Hill. - Tel: 5444 0400 Back to school On Sunday, January 13, 2019 Saint Kilian’s Church, Bendigo was filled to capacity with parishioners, family and friends from Sandhurst and beyond, for a Farewell Mass celebrated by Father Rom Hayes prior to his retirement on the January 16, 2019. At the time of his retirement, Father Rom was Administrator of St Kilian’s and Inglewood/Marong Parishes, Dean of the Western Deanery, Diocesan Director of Caritas, and Vicar General of the Diocese of Sandhurst. The 10:00 am Mass was celebrated in the presence of Bishop Les Tomlinson who paid tribute to Father Rom later at the luncheon in the Parish Hall. In Bishop Les’ tribute to Father Rom, he recalled his first impressions of meeting Father Rom when they both were students at Corpus Christi College in 1968. Father Rom was in his first year at Corpus Christi College, Glen Waverley and Bishop Les had just begun in the seminary at Corpus Christi College, Werribee. Bishop Les recalled Father Rom as “a charming, warm, welcoming and kind person, attributes with which God had blessed him.” In the years since Father Rom was ordained to the Priesthood at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Bendigo by Bishop Bernard Stewart on the May 21, 1971, he has served at Assistant Priest at St Brendan’s Parish, Shepparton and the Cathedral Parish before volunteering to work with the Columban Fathers in Peru from 1977 to 1981 when ill- health prematurely brought him home. Then as Assistant Priest at Numurkah for two years prior to returning to complete his missionary commitment to Peru. Returning to Sandhurst, he served briefly in Wangaratta before being appointed Parish Priest at Numurkah from 1993 to 1999, when he was appointed as Parish Priest of Wodonga until his appointment as Administrator of St Kilian’s Parish in 2003. Bishop Les reflected upon the fact that those attributes of charm, warmth, welcome and kindness, natural qualities, have been built upon with God’s grace and Father Rom’s commitment, to serve him and the people in his care, very well indeed. They have equipped him excellently to be the caring, concerned, generous, supportive pastor, who has won the respect and deep gratitude of those who can count him as a friend, colleague or pastor. Bishop Les further reflected that a farewell was a sad moment when it means a separation of the person being farewelled from the group doing the farewelling. However, as Father Rom has reminded us, he is only retiring to Axedale and expects to be frequently in Bendigo to visit and to be part of the life of the Church here and across the Diocese. Mr Kevin Foley, on behalf of St Kilian’s Parish, spoke attesting to Father Rom’s fine qualities, leadership, kind and inspiring pastoral care of the people, in the sixteen years in which he had been Administrator of St Kilian’s Parish. Kevin made a presentation of a gift as an expression of the esteem and gratitude the Parish has for Father Rom. In his response, Father Rom expressed his joy in the Priesthood and that this gave meaning and depth to his service as a pastor to the parish. He thanked everyone for their support and the opportunity through this celebration to gather to share the Eucharist, a meal, friendship and the occasion. He expressed his gratitude to Bishop Les, in particular, for giving him a free rein as Administrator of St Kilian’s Parish to work in encouraging the involvement of parishioners across the many aspects of parish life. Father Rom further expressed gratitude for the opportunity of working with the Bishop, as Vicar General, in the governance of the Diocese. Everyone joined in wishing Father Rom a long and healthy retirement on the bank of the Campaspe River. Very Reverend Romuald Hayes PE