Homilies 2016

Homily: Christmas Day Mass, Sacred Heart Cathedral

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125px"So, why do we celebrate Christmas? It is more than the birth of Jesus. It is a celebration of God with us: Emmanuel! It is the realization that God’s love and faithfulness dwells among us. It is a sign that we are to carry that love and faithfulness to others. Like the Baptist, we, too, are to witness to, God’s living, breathing Word." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Christmas Day Mass, Poor Clare's Monastery

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125px"This is Christmas Day! We celebrate the Birth of our Lord. This event has changed our whole world, even though at times we cannot see any change at all. Love is at work in our world and in time Love will conquer all else. It is not easy to believe that, but it is true. Thus we must walk by faith. How differently we respond to the world when we know that Love has conquered all and already changed all." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Christmas Vigil Mass, Sacred Heart Cathedral

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125px"Like the shepherds of Bethlehem, may we too, with eyes full of amazement and wonder, gaze upon the Child Jesus, the Son of God.  ‘Venite Adoremus’ : Come , let us adore him, Christ the Lord!" - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Christmas Vigil Mass, St John of God Hospital

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125px"May the blessings and love of the little Christ Child be yours this Christmas!" - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception 50th Anniversary of Holy Spirit Monastery Kennington

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125px"It is good to be with and speak with others about what and why we are celebrating – sometimes gifts are bought to help the celebration. But to help celebrate today, the 50 years of the nuns living in this house, let us buy instead a memory, of the heroic lives lived in this house, and today let us share those memories as a true reality of our ordinary experiences in everyday life here in this house, in the service of the Lord.." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Feast of Christ the King

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125px"As we symbolically close the Door of Mercy, in reality, let us push our own doors of mercy wide open; let us  be welcoming of all who come into our lives and let us take every opportunity to be women and men of mercy every day of our lives." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: St Mary of the Angels, Nathalia - End of School Year Mass, 2016

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125px"We give thanks to God also for the support of our parents, for all the teaching and learning that has taken place in our school, both in and out of the classroom, and for the talents and gifts that have been shared, for the challenges that have been faced, and for the burdens that have been lifted and the hurts that have been healed throughout the year, and especially for the respect and care that has been given throughout the school community." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Parish Secretaries In-Service, 2016

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125px"The essence of Christian living is action for others, that is guided by what we learn in contemplation. This was the pattern of Jesus’ own life – he spent long hours bringing healing to people’s lives, but also retired to quiet places to be alone in communion with his Father. The same pattern must be ours too. We call it being ‘contemplatives in action’." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Easter Sunday, 2016

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125px"Still saddened after the death of Jesus, even though they didn’t fully understand yet what had happened, Mary Magdalen and the apostles went to Jesus’ tomb. The most important line in the Gospel today is when the apostle John looks into the empty tomb. The Gospel tells us: “And he saw and believed.” - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Easter Vigil, 2016

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125px"The stone that blocked the entrance to the tomb in many ways symbolise the ‘stone’ which impedes their vision that weighs down their hearts and indeed at times ours. It symbolises those obstacles that can and frequently do, restrict our ability to understand, to believe in and accept God's offer of love and life. Yet here in the empty tomb, is where God is seen at his most loving. The tragedy, injustice and pain of Good Friday are transformed into the hope, joy and healing of Easter Sunday." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Good Friday, 2016

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125px"The Passion and Death of Jesus as told by St. John, is more than an historical account; it is a telling of Good News. As we follow the Passion of St. John we begin to realize that the Victim here is not a victim. Something very different is going on here." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Mass of the Lord's Supper, 2016

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125px"In these days of Holy Week, in which we follow the last days leading up to the crucifixion of our Lord, we are in the midst of a great human drama. Some people call it ‘the greatest story ever told’. It is the journey of Jesus to His death and to His resurrection." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Talk to the Seminarians, 2016

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125px"It is with such a great joy and gratitude to the Lord that I take this opportunity to speak to you seminarians for whom I pray each day." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Palm Sunday, 2016

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125px"We can see easily in today’s Gospel that the story of the suffering and death of Jesus that we heard in the Passion is basically a story of love – God’s love for us. No day should pass that we should not remember the love God has for us." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Chrism Mass, 2016

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125px"Our ministry must bring us close to all those in our parish, in our city, in our diocese, in our country, who feel harassed and helpless.  In our own culture how many people suffer deeply - personally, socially, economically and spiritually?  How many feel lost in their identity and without the anchor of a “true shepherd” in their lives?" - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: FCJ College Benalla, Opening Mass, 2016

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125px"Anytime is a good time to celebrate our splendid Catholic schools!  I am delighted to be with you here at FCJ College Benalla, for this annual Mass, which is an occasion for us all to reflect on our responsibilities to our students, and to this school, entrusted to our care." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Catholic Education Sandhurst: Leaders’ Mass

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125px"Catholic Schools exist to educate and form young people in discipleship: offering them experiences of following Jesus as members of the Catholic community. As we commence a new year, it is timely to reflect on your Leadership in Catholic education which is both a privilege and a challenge." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily, Rite of Election RCIA, 2016

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125px"Our only real success in life can be what we achieve in building a society that is more loving and just, based on the message of Jesus, a message of truth and integrity, of love and compassion, of freedom and peace." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Vale - Fr Leo Lane

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125px"On the 27th July, 1948 Leo Lane was ordained to the Priesthood in his home diocese at St Patrick's Cathedral, Ballarat by then Co-adjutor Archbishop of Melbourne, Archbishop Justin Simonds.  Father Lane's introduction to priestly ministry was at St Kilian's Parish, Bendigo." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Sisters of Mercy - 140th Anniversary

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125px"As we are celebrating today, the Sister of Mercy arrived in January, 1876.  The Brigidines Sisters arrived in 1886 and established their first house in Echuca.  ... were joined by the Sisters of Mercy in January, 1876." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson