Homilies 2018

Homily: Christmas Eve SJOG 2018

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125pxVigil Mass of the Solemnity of Christmas
St John of God Hospital  Bendigo

"The Christmas story, however, lifts our aspirations. In it, we find cause for hope and optimism. Christmas glows with a special kind of light. It celebrates the belief that a divine light has been sparked in the world. The point of this light, is a child and we are drawn, irresistibly, to the light He radiates. The sparkle of Christmas reflects a belief that we are capable of achieving and doing good, regardless of wealth or status. The Christmas experience inspires us to transcend our limitations." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Christmas Morning 2018

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125pxChristmas Morning Mass 2018
Poor Clare’s Monastery of the Holy Spirit

"Here is the invitation of Christmas: that the Lord, in coming to us, wants above all to draw us to himself. He loves us, each of us, in our hidden selves, more than we could ever know. In his sight we are beautiful of face and sweet of voice. We may not think so. But he sees us with fresh, Christmas eyes. He sees deep into the soul given to each one of us by his heavenly Father and beautiful beyond measure." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Christmas Day 2018

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125pxCHRISTMAS DAY 2018
Sacred Heart Cathedral

"Christmas is a strange season. When you are a child it is a season of presents. When you are young, it seems a season of parties. When you are in your own home, it is a season of preparations. As we move along in life, Christmas changes. Through the haze of old carols and beautiful crib scenes, we begin to see what Christmas is really all about." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Christmas Eve 2018

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125pxCHRISTMAS EVE MASS 2018
Sacred Heart Cathedral

"But any nativity scene, even the simplest, can speak to us. ‘Speak’ is somehow the right word. A crib is silent, nothing moves. But even as we allow ourselves to be drawn into its silence, it speaks to our hearts. It takes time for a crib to address us. We need to stay before it, not saying prayers, but allowing the sense of wonder and astonishment to take us over. To be ‘caught up in the love of the God we cannot see’ is to allow the crib to speak to our hearts rather than to our heads, its very stillness having a resonant eloquence." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125pxSolemnity of the Immaculate Conception
8th December, 2018

"How difficult it is for us to accept God’s plan for us that can come through unexpected circumstances. We need a faith and trust of Mary to surrender ourselves to God. We need to remember that God’s ways are not our ways and it is our faith-filled response to life’s many unwelcome changes that enables us to follow the ways of God." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: ACBC 2018

Thursday, 29th November, 2018

"We look forward to the day of Jesus' return in glory. We are called to help others prepare for that day and to be ready to greet it with confidence. Until then, let us make our hope in the Son of God’s return burn brightly in our hearts, until the sky shines brightly with his glory." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Ordination to the Priesthood - Reverend Nathan Verallo

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125pxOrdination to the Priesthood - Reverend Nathan Verallo
24th November, 2018

"Each day you will have to remind yourself that the priesthood is about simple, humble service rather than about domination or control. It is about gentleness and compassion rather than rigidity and arrogance. It is about being a proclaimer of the truth – but God’s truth, not your own. It is about showing people the way, by word and example, and leading them along this way – but it must be the Lord’s way, not your own." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Knights of the Southern Cross: Mass for Deceased Members, 2018

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125pxKnights of the Southern Cross: Mass for Deceased Members
22nd November, 2018

"As faithful Catholics, we Knights and our families share a bond of love that goes beyond our immediate interests and activities, a bond that extends beyond time into eternity where Christ is seated at the right hand of the Father. We are one with brother Knights and loved ones who have died, and it is my privilege to offer Mass today for our Knights who have gone before us." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Mass of Farewell to the Brigidines Sisters

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125pxMass of Farewell to the Brigidines Sisters
St Joseph’s Church, Beechworth

"Dear friends – and especially the Brigidine Sisters; We gather here today in St Joseph’s Church to farewell the Brigidines – just metres from the first convent and a stone’s throw from Ford St. We come with gratitude, and we are humbled by the significance of the contribution made by Brigidines, not only in Beechworth, but also in the north-east and indeed within the Diocese of Sandhurst." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: St Mary of The Angels College, Nathalia - End of School Year Mass


St Mary of The Angels College, Nathalia
End of School Year Mass
23rd October, 2018

"Congratulations on all your achievements in 2018 and particularly to the Year 12 who are leaving us. We all join in praying for the success of your VCE and the life you will build upon this foundation at St Mary of the Angels. We thank you for what you have contributed to the College in your time here, and particularly the leadership you have given in your Year 12." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Blessing of the Year 7 Building, Nathalia, 12th October, 2018


Blessing of the Year 7 Building - St Mary of the Angels College, Nathalia
12th October, 2018

"When we talk about new buildings, we think of plans, of foundations and all the materials that go into making a building. Jesus is the true foundation of everything that we build in our lives. Without Him, our plans come to nothing. This is why we are here today – to ask in Jesus’ name for God the Father’s blessing on this building – a new part of our school. We ask God to send His Spirit to bring light to the minds of those who have worked with our new school’s plans. May that same Holy Spirit give strength and wisdom to the hands and hearts of all who have taken part in its construction." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Serra Club Bi-Annual Conference Mass


Serra Club Bi-Annual Conference Mass - St John’s Church, East Melbourne
20th October, 2018

"Serra International president Biscardi has called for a focus on membership for 2018/19. He affirms: ‘membership is everybody’s business.’ This fits in so well with what Jesus was trying to teach us all: Membership of the Church IS everybody’s business and we must persevere and pray for more labourers into the harvest as we move forward to build the kingdom of God here and now." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Marian Festival - 2018


Marian Festival - Feast of the Holy Rosary
Sacred Heart Cathedral
7th October, 2018

"The rosary appeals to many. It is simple. The constant repetition of words helps create an atmosphere in which to contemplate the mysteries of God. We sense that Jesus and Mary are with us in the joys and sorrows of life. We grow in hope that God will bring us to share in the glory of Jesus and Mary forever." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: 27th Sunday Ordinary Time, October, 2018


27th Sunday Ordinary Time, Year B
7th October, 2018

"As always, the Scriptures give enlightenment on all challenges facing us in our lives. The readings today seek out the ideal of good human living. It becomes the truth of what it means to be a human person. In regard to marriage, the expression in the first reading and the Gospel are keys to understanding this." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Ordination to the Priesthood - Reverend Dean Bongat


Ordination to the Priesthood
Reverend Dean Bongat

"It is my great pleasure to welcome you all as we come to celebrate this special day in the life of Dean Bongat as he is soon to be ordained to the Priesthood. Dean has chosen our readings for Mass today, as these words from the Scriptures have special significance for him, as he accepts his calling from God to the Priesthood." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Parish Secretaries Conference, August, 2018


Parish Secretaries Mass
28th August, 2018

"May I take this opportunity to express my thanks and the gratitude of all those whom you serve in the Diocese of Sandhurst as Parish Secretaries. Your work is much appreciated and we value you greatly. May God bless you, as you continue in his service with compassion and love?" - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Queenship of Mary, August, 2018


Queenship of Mary
Catholic Women League
22nd August, 2018

"Today’s celebration occurs on the octave day of the Assumption of Our Lady. In that feast we celebrate the reunion of Mary with her Son on the day of her death. She is the first to join Jesus in eternal glory on the basis that she is the only person, apart from her Son, who was totally free from sin all her life. As the first of the human race in rank before God’s presence and as the Mother of Christ our King, she is given the title of Queen." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: SERRA - Changeover of Officer Bearers


SERRA - Changeover of Officer Bearers
St John of God Hospital
Feast of the Assumption

"Mary was taken up body and soul into Heaven: Heaven is no longer a very remote sphere unknown to us. We have a mother in Heaven. And the Mother of God, the Mother of the Son of God, is our Mother. He himself has said so. He made her our Mother when he said to the disciple and to all of us: "Behold, your Mother!“ We have a Mother in Heaven." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Housekeepers and Secretaries Mass, 2018


Mass for Housekeepers and Secretaries
22nd May, 2018

"To serve is not to be submissive or weak; it is not putting oneself on a lower level than those being served. It is simply to be totally committed to the good of others and to find one’s own well-being in being so committed. Moreover, I am fairly certain that you know all that, so this is just a reminder!" - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Catholic Women's League Conference, 2018


Catholic Women’s League Conference
16th May, 2018

"Jesus tells us that we too are ‘sent’ to continue his mission. Friendship with Jesus is being with him, and being sent in his name. Our mission as his followers is in the midst of and in the depths of the world. He wants his love and message inserted in the centre of the world, the city, the neighbourhood. In following him in mission and love, we are ourselves sanctified." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: St Augustine’s Parish, Kyabram 140th Anniversary, 2018


St Augustine’s Parish, Kyabram
One Hundred & Fortieth Anniversary
13th May, 2018

"Indeed, it gives me great pleasure to join with you today to offer my congratulations and to mark the celebration of one hundred and forty years of the Parish of St Augustine’s Kyabram. Today, the Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord, May 13th,is also the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima, and so we ask the blessing of Our Lady on these celebrations." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Blessing of the statue of St Francis at the Great Stupa, 2018


Blessing of the statue of St Francis at the Great Stupa
11 May, 2018

"I am very grateful for your kind invitation to provide the blessing of the statue of St Francis of Assisi, at this great Stupa of Universal Compassion." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Palm Sunday, 2018


Palm Sunday
25th March, 2018

"We enter into the Holy week with the celebration of Palm Sunday. Holy Week is the most important week of the entire liturgical year. This week we remember and relive the events which brought about our redemption and salvation. So this week presents us with the actual events of the dying and rising of Jesus." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Talk to the Seminarians, 2018


Talk to the Seminarians
26th March, 2018

"Every old bishop, like myself, in speaking with young seminarians, like you, remembers his own good times in the seminary. Good memories spontaneously come back. And the more one thinks about his formation years, the more one realizes how decisive those years were for his priestly ministry." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Mass of the Lord's Supper, 2018


Mass of the Lord’s Supper
29th March, 2018

"Today begins the Sacred Triduum, the three holiest days of the year, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

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