Homilies 2015

Homily: Christmas Mass 2015

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125px"It is a joy to see you all here today, because we are here to express that Christmas is more than just a family gathering over meals, or being involved in a Christmas frenzy, or taking holidays from work. I believe you are all here today because you understand Christmas as a celebration of faith." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Christmas Morning

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125px"The world seems no different than it was yesterday, the sun rises, and this evening it will set. War and fear still threaten the earth. Tears still fall. Yet, there is something different today. Like the Shepherds, we must say, “let us go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened which the Lord has made known to us.” - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Christmas Vigil

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125px"At this hour, let us ask him to touch our hearts with the holy curiosity and the holy joy of the shepherds, and thus, let us go over joyfully to Bethlehem, to the Lord who today once more comes to meet us."

Homily: Christmas Midnight Mass 2015

Tomlinson-Sandhurst-125px"Tonight, we bask in the light of a star that shines in the darkness. No matter how dark the night may be, we rejoice in the light of Christ that can never be diminished. The magic of Christmas is not what we see in the TV commercials, it is something infinitely more precious and powerful; it is God himself." - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Funeral Mass for Father Don O’Neill PE, 2015


'With deep gratitude for the life and priestly ministry of Father Donal Roe O’Neill we pray that his soul, through the mercy of God, may rest in peace.  May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen.' - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Mass of Welcome to the Newly Ordained, 2015


'As we celebrate the return from Cebu of Father Junray Rayna and Father Novelito Lim, we now also welcome them as they join Father Stephen Bolling to commence their service as newly ordained priests in our diocese.' - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Concert on High


'I warmly welcome you all this evening to this concert, trusting that it will be an experience of joy and peace.' - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily - Mons Bryan Long Requiem Mass


'The life and death of each of us has its influence on others, if we live, we live for the Lord, and if we die, we die for the Lord, so that whether alive or dead, we belong to the Lord.' - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Mass for Secretaries, 2015


'In Today’s Gospel, we find Jesus in the home of the sisters, Mary and Martha. We know that they have a brother named Lazarus. Martha was a doer to the point of being a fusspot, and we are told was distracted by so many responsibilities and “burdened with much serving”.  Serving is something that Jesus himself did constantly and he urged his followers to do the same.' - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily - Ordination of Rev. Father Stephen Bolling


'We are gathered here in our Cathedral with Stephen’s family and friends, all of whom have in one way or another made an imprint on his life and training for the priesthood.  Stephen has chosen the readings for today’s Liturgy of the Word: the call of the prophet Jeremiah, extracts from St Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians and from the Gospel according to John.' - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Housekeepers and Secretaries Mass


'Mary gives to us a prime example of how to accept God’s will in our lives. She simply says “yes’ and trusts the Lord and sets about living and doing God’s will. This is what we, as Christians, are also called to do. Yes, it is a bumpy road at times, but Mary’s example shows us how to discern and live out God’s will for all of us as we journey towards his kingdom.' - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Saint John of God Hospital Bendigo - Commissioning Mass


'So, God does continue to call men and women today, and as you are commissioned today, it is appropriate to reflect in faith, that this is in fact a call from God: a vocation, as expressed in your Mission statement: to continue the healing mission of Jesus Christ through the provision of health care services that promote life to the full by enhancing the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual dimensions of being human.' - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: CatholicCare Sandhurst - Blessing of the refurbished offices


'A constant theme of Jesus' preaching and of his life was his focus on the importance of the little one and the lost one. That's why the continued work of CatholicCare is so important.' - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Mass celebrating the commissioning of new President of Serra Club, 2015


'As we read the Gospels and ask this question again and again, we will find ourselves getting to know Jesus as though he were a living person standing beside us – and of course that is what Jesus is; a living person who is walking beside us in the ordinary events of our everyday lives. It is important to remember this: we live the Christian life because we know Jesus and we are called to follow Him.' - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Extraordinary Rite, 2015


'Lord, may your love control my thoughts and actions that I may do what is pleasing to you. Show me where I lack charity, mercy, and forgiveness toward my neighbour.  And help me to be generous in giving to others what you have so generously given to me.' - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Divine Mercy Sunday, 2015


‘This Sunday following Easter has always been the Feast of Mercy, however since 2001, the designated title, Divine Mercy Sunday, expands the theological significance of the Octave of Easter and deepens its meaning. We see this feast as the convergence of all the mysteries and graces of Holy Week and Easter Week.' - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Easter Sunday, 2015


‘I wish you all a very happy Easter! I encourage you all to be steadily and confidently Catholic, strong in faith, generous in love, firm in hope, for in that way, you embody the resurrection of our Saviour and spread his light that so shines in our midst.  Amen.' - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Easter Vigil, 2015


‘Let each of us try to bring others to this Easter feast and its promise of fulfilment in heaven. Let us really show our faith by the way we live!
A happy and joyful Easter to you all!' - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Good Friday, 2015


‘Today, Good Friday, we do well to contemplate how the action of God in Christ, in his suffering and death on the cross, accomplishes the forgiveness of our sins. This is Jesus making all things new, in a work that no one else can ever accomplish. ‘Who can forgive sins but God alone?’ is a question echoed in the Gospel. Today we have the answer. Indeed, no one but God can forgive our sins.' - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Mass of the Lord's Supper, 2015


‘Jesus knows that one of the disciples, Judas Iscariot, will betray him. Judas is present at his table with the other disciples. This is important knowledge, for when we understand this truth about Jesus, then we can begin to become free of our own fear of evil, of its presence in our lives, in our own hearts, perhaps even at our own table.' - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Palm Sunday, 2015


‘Today, having heard the Passion narrative there is no real necessity to retrace in great detail the events there described. But it is well to bear in mind that Christ was no stranger to hardship, privation and suffering, long before the day of his crucifixion. Despite his compassion for all who came to him, he met with hatred and rejection, in particular from Pharisees and priests, who planned to have him killed.' - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Mass of Chrism, 2015


‘At this Mass we also gather together as Bishop and Priests of the Diocese of Sandhurst in company with the faithful, to strengthen our Communion with each other and to bless the Holy Oils that will be used in the coming year in the Diocese. We also welcome those who have joined us for this beautiful Mass.' - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Galen College, 2015 Commencement of the School Year Mass


‘So, as we start this new year, let us ask ourselves: in 2015, here at Galen College how will I live my life with faith and integrity, making the most of my life and living in the peace of Jesus Christ?' - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Marist College, 2015 Opening Mass


‘It gives me great pleasure to offer Mass here with you today and to join in the excitement of being a part of the commencement of this great new school!' - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson

Homily: Catholic Education Office Sandhurst, 2015 Commissioning Mass


‘As we accept our mission at the commencement of 2015, we understand that Jesus did not promise us a life of comfort and ease; rather He promised His constant presence within us. He emphasizes that we must not give-up on following him in the midst of these trials. During the hard times, even in our emptiness and brokenness, Jesus will always be there to fill us with His abiding love.' - Bishop Leslie Tomlinson