Pyramid Hill - St Patrick's

pyramid hill st pats 350pxSt Patrick's Church  
5 Victoria Street  
Pyramid Hill  3575  

Parish: Pyramid Hill

Tel: 03 5452 1041 
Fax: 03 5450 3309 

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Parish Priest: Rev Novelito Lim

Other Churches in the Parish:

serpentine st pats-125px

St Joseph's Church, Serpentine

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Mass Times:
2nd Thursday: 9.15am.  School Mass at St Pat's)
4th Thursday: 10.15 am at Pyramid Hill Hostel
Saturday: 6.30pm
4th Sunday: 4.00 pm at Serpentine Church

Reconcilation Times:
Before and after each Mass or by Request or Appointment

Eucharist Adoration Times:

St Patrick's Presbytery
5 Victoria St, Pyramid Hill 3575

St Patrick's Primary School   Website:


St Patrick's Church, Pyramid Hill - Catholic Diocese of Sandhurst

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Upcoming Events

20 Jul

with Mrs Loretta Lilford& Sr Helen Glasheen RSM

What might we expect, and what can we do, when someone we care about is dying?

How may we accompany them on during this precious final journey?
21 Jul
28 Jul
3 Aug
03.08.2019 10:00 am - 3:30 pm
Choose 4 workshops with expert presenters from our Diocese o help us to grow in awareness of different prayer forms


WHEEL OF PRAYER DAY 3 August 2019 PosterA.pdf

4 Aug