A special Vinnies Commissioning captured on Camera

By Jackson Saunders

Kennington Parishioner, Barb Anglin, has been officially commissioned as the North East Central Council President of St Vincent de Paul Society at a special live-streamed Mass at St Kilian’s.
Her ministry as the North East Central Council President, which had already begun before the official commissioning, encompasses a region including the Sandhurst Diocese and beyond.

Barb said that the ceremony asked for God’s blessing on her role.

“The North East Central Council President sits on the State Council and on the Board of St Vincent de Paul Victoria,” she said.

“Our role is to represent the members. We have below us the regional council presidents, and the presidents of the conferences, so they send through to us what they need from us; what we can help them with; how we can improve in our work in the Society.”StVincnetDePaul2 350

The St Vincent de Paul Society, which is founded on the work of Blessed Frederic Ozanam, consists of both the shops and the community welfare assistance centres.

“The shops help us with our revenue,” Barb said.
“We appreciate the volunteers and the paid staff in helping out. Without their revenue, it would be very difficult. We could still manage, but it would be much more difficult for us to achieve the number of people that we help, feed, clothe, help with bills and all other things that they need.”

Barb’s role as North East Central Council President with St Vincent de Paul Society covers a large area.

“From Upper Murray, which is the Wodonga region, Corryong which had the bushfires this year, and Mid-Murray which is up to Swan Hill, down to Castlemaine and across to Mansfield and that region in between, which is almost the diocesan boundary,” she said.

The official commissioning took place at a recent Saturday live-streamed Mass in the chapel of St Kilian’s with Fr Andrew Fewings, who is the Parish Priest of St Therese’s, Kennington.

The commissioning took place after the homily. This included a Bible and the Rule of St Vincent de Paul being held aloft over Barb. She was also presented with a lighted candle.

Barb was delighted to have Fr Andrew celebrate the Mass, as he is also her Parish Priest.

Others to assist at the service included her daughter, Trephina Marek, who read at the Mass, and her granddaughter, Athena Marek, who was the altar server. Seminarian, Jackson Saunders, assisted with the technicalities of the broadcast Mass.
Barb was also grateful for the support of Fr Junray Rayna, who is the Parish Administrator of St Kilian’s, for hosting the special Mass in the chapel of St Kilian’s.

Barb was conscious of others who would have liked to attend the commissioning Mass.

“Unfortunately, the State President, Kevin McMahon, and the Deputy State President and Bendigo Regional President, Michael Quinn (two hats), are unable to attend today due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions; plus, our six Central Council Presidents. However, you are all in my thoughts and prayers today,” she said.

“I thank CEO Sue Cattermole for her tireless work during the difficult period. Sue is very much respected and admired.
“Last but not least, a big thank you to our most important people and assets, our members, who are doing such a wonderful job under such difficult times.”

To find out more, or to support the work of St Vincent de Paul, visit www.vinnies.org.au or contact your local Vinnies Conference.

Photographs: By Jackson Saunders


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