Heart of Life Centre launches 44th Siloam Program

HeartOfLife 400The Heart of Life approach to formation is soundly experiential and is based on solid theological, biblical and social sciences theory and praxis. A discerning, contemplative attitude is integral to all seminars and practical work. Regular reflection, prayer time and a commitment to one’s own spiritual direction are important aspects of the Program.

In addition to receiving a diploma from Heart of Life, successful candidates may receive an academic qualification (Graduate Diploma in Spiritual Direction) through the University of Divinity. Government Fee-Help Loans are available (for tuition fees) to qualifying Australian citizens.

Next year, both the one-year full-time, and the two-year part-time programs will continue to be offered in person (in Malvern, Melbourne) and on-line. A taster session will be held on Saturday 14 August 2021 between 9.30-11.00 a.m. in person in Malvern, as well as via Zoom for those who are unable to travel.

The Siloam Program is recognised by the Australian Ecumenical Council for Spiritual Direction as meeting its standards for the formation of spiritual directors in Australia.

The Siloam program, was established by The Heart Life Centre for Spiritual and Pastoral Formation in 1979. It is the longest running spiritual director formation program in Australia.

The current Director, Paul Beirne, who was a participant in the first program to be offered in Melbourne in 1980 said:

“The next Siloam program will be the 44th in our history. This is a record of which we are justifiably proud. Siloam is also the only full-time program for the training of spiritual directors in Australia. Additionally, the delivery of Siloam in person and online due to COVID 19 has not affected our recruitment numbers. If anything, we have seen a growth in applications. We anticipate that this will be the same in 2022 and we encourage anyone who is considering the call to spiritual direction to submit their applications early."

Beirne continued, “Another aspect of which we are very proud is that Siloam has always opened its doors to international students and, to date, participants from 26 nations around the globe, from Europe, Africa, India, Malaysia, the Philippines and other countries in the sub-continent, Indonesia, Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea the South Pacific nations through to South Korea have graduated from the Siloam Program, marking it as a truly internationally recognised award. The fact that we quickly moved to a combined in person and online program early in 2020 has ensured that the rich diversity experienced previously by candidates has not been lost."

While there is no adequate way of describing who or what makes a competent spiritual director, if you are a person who people like to talk to and engage with, are someone who has a reputation as a good listener, or you have a sense of God’s call to the ministry of spiritual direction, we encourage you to respond to this call by speaking with us and joining us at a taster session on 14 August, 2021.

For more information plese go to www.heartoflife.melbourne.

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