Sandhurst responds generously to Project Compassion

BeMoreNationally, Project Compassion raised $10.1 million which is about 5% less than the $10.7 million in 2019.

Sandhurst Diocese can be very proud of its contribution; $526,000, which is an increase of over 6% compared to $496,000 in 2019. THANK YOU for your particular part in this.

Overall, it was an amazing result. Although we lost our public launch and school pancake launches across the diocese, it seems many parishes and schools worked hard to make up for last year’s dramatic downturn.

At a time of such upheaval and challenge across the globe, possibly the greatest worldwide challenges since the inception of Project Compassion, Caritas Australia encouraged all Australians to ‘Be More’ this year to help vulnerable communities.

In its 56th year, Project Compassion is one of Australia’s longest running appeals, and has been a long-standing Lenten fixture in parishes across Australia with its iconic donation boxes. In this time, Australians have raised millions of dollars for marginalised communities worldwide.

Technology has opened up a world of possibilities and this year, for the first time, parishioners and students were able to connect directly with Caritas Australia’s overseas Program staff via ‘Virtual Immersions’. Parishes, schools and individuals across Sandhurst took up this opportunity.

Throughout the six weeks, thanks to Jamila, Halima, Asad, Margret and Oliva, Australians learnt more about life in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, the largest refugee camp in the world; the dignity that a toilet can bring to a community in Indonesia; the benefits of water to life in the Solomon Islands; the transformation education produces for adults in Tanzania.

Across many schools, and even in the Echuca Parish, the call to solidarity was taken up through Caritas Ks – raising awareness amongst participants of how lucky they are in this country and, of course, raising much needed funds for Caritas to continue transforming lives. 

The theme ‘Be More’ was inspired by the words of St Oscar Romero, to ‘aspire not to have more, but to be more’, and challenged us to stand in solidarity with people around the world who continue to face the injustice of poverty.

Thank you all for BEing MORE and producing this great result.

Kerry Stone
Diocesan Coordinator
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Caritas2021 SMOTA Nathalia CaritasKs carrying to clinic















Students at St Mary's of the Angels Nathalia in an immersive experience, carrying someone to 'the clinic' by foot.

Caritas2021 SMOTA Nathalia

Students at St Mary's of The Angels Nathalia carrying buckets of water for Caritas Ks. 

Caritas St Patricks Wangaratta CaritasKs 4

Students at St Patrick's Primary School Wangaratta participating in Caritas Ks.

Caritas 2021 NotreDameCaritasKs 1


















Students at Notre Dame College Shepparton walking their Caritas Ks.