Bishop Shane's Message to Year 12 Students of 2021

Bishop Shane Year2 Message 2021The current cohort of Year 12 students have already begun their final term of secondary schooling. Some have already finished up, some will be finishing final projects and assignments, some will be in the middle of performance and oral exams, while others are beginning their final preparations for written exams that begin on 27 October.

They have almost made it through the year and, as Bishop Shane says in his message, “that’s always a big achievement, but this year it’s bigger than usual”. This cohort have, like all of us, experienced the uncertainty that the pandemic has brought into our lives, while completing their VCE or VCAL studies. Instead of dwelling on everything that we have all lost over this time, Bishop Shane reminds those watching that “We’ve all discovered much more about our skills, about our resilience, about our capacities, about how we operate, and about what really matter to us.” These are lessons we can hope to take with us through life.

Bishop Shane also offers three valuable suggestions to the Year 12s as they enter their final term: to reflect on what we’re grateful for, to be patient and gentle with ourselves and those around us, and to take the opportunity to get vaccinated.

The full video message has been sent to all Catholic Secondary Schools in the Diocese and is also available to watch on the Sandhurst Youth Ministry YouTube channel for those attending other educational settings.