Caritas Australia raises over $3.5 million for Ukraine Appeal

“It reminds me of what we’re hearing from our partners on the ground, Caritas Ukraine and Caritas Spes, who have both been blessed with an extraordinary outpouring of support. In dark times, like in times of war and crisis, we often see the best of humanity against the backdrop of the worst. It gives us great hope for the future.”

Caritas Australia is working with Caritas Ukraine and Caritas Spes to support displaced families in Ukraine with food, hygiene kits, clean water, psychological support, and emergency shelter. Since the beginning of the conflict, Caritas Ukraine has assisted more than 800,000 people across the country.

In Ukraine, volunteers are helping transport hundreds of tons of cargo across the country – including bedding, medicines, hygiene supplies, and much more. In the past week alone over 50,000 people have received emergency food kits or hot meals.

“There is even a free laundromat in Uzhhorod where people can enjoy a hot drink while they wait. These small acts of generosity bring normality and dignity to an otherwise distressing experience, but when added together they can also move mountains.”

The funds raised are also supporting Caritas Moldova, in partnership with Catholic Relief Services, to provide shelter, hot meals, cash assistance and psychological support to Ukrainians displaced by the conflict. Over 460,000 people have fled into Moldova since the conflict began.

Ukraine Temporary shelter for displaced people in Ivano Frankivsk. Photo Caritas Ukraine

Temporary shelter for displaced people in Ivano-Frankivsk. 

Photograph courtesy of Caritas Ukraine.