ALIVE IN THE SPIRIT Being the Community Christ calls us to be.

AliveInTheSpirit Community 350With our parishes and dioceses hungering for fresh hope, new ideas, and positive stories and models of practice in service of Christ’s mission, Alive in the Spirit offers over thirty workshops and Keynotes, while balancing time spent on screen with time spent off screen for personal prayer, reflection and a call to action. 

Our Catholic Church offers so much richness, and Alive in the Spirit celebrates the good of who we are, while inviting us to continue to cooperate with the Holy Spirit as we engage with the Signs of the Times in our Oceania Region.
Standard Package grants one-month open access, with youth stream, including:
• the three-day conference (26-28 May) as a personal retreat experience;
• the three-day conference (26-28 May) as a small group or parish intensive; and
• A suggested four-weekly cycle (over June): weekly sessions (or when you choose), for individuals and groups
Membership Package grants all standard benefits, plus twelve-month open access – with options for monthly engagement with your group, and access to broader library of resources.
Spirituality and Pastoral Care are Top Priorities for Oceania Delegates. Secularisation in our region, coupled with the increasing space of isolation and mental health issues, demands a renewed response from the Catholic Church in Oceania. Delegates at the Alive in the Spirit Experience 2022 will be exploring engagement with people in the space of questions around what is life all about, as well as how we meet people where they are at in care and outreach. An interactive online pastoral experience offers both individuals and groups a variety of ways to register, including both one-month and 12-month options. 
The keynotes and workshop presentations are grounded in the theme: “What does God require of us: To Act Justly, To Love Mercy and To Walk Humbly” (Micah 6:8). 
Conference convener, Lisa Bright says: “Our keynotes are very attuned to how we share Christ’s mission in this increasingly secularised space. And I love how our workshop presenters have taken up the challenge, some exploring engagement in the social media space, others wrestling with how they dialogue with people through one-on-one encounters.” 
The presentations are thematically organised, examining best practice in a variety of dimensions of pastoral life. Faith and Spirituality Engagement presentations explore areas such as forming discerning communities in the Ignatian tradition, empowering the voice of the assembly in liturgy, developing communities of prayer online, and developing skills for cultivating spiritual life in a busy world. Care and Outreach presentations include developing flourishing relationships and strong marriages; supporting grief and bereavement ministry; engagement with LGBTQIA+ community; strengthening our ministry of welcome; and accompanying people in the end-of-life space. Presentations are also grouped around the themes of “Community Engagement” and “Mission and Evangelisation”.
Fr Michael Alcock, co-chair of Pastoral Ministry Network says, “I know that our parish will be engaging in many of the offerings. Last year we signed up a large group from our community. It was terrific – like our own parish mission, and we are still benefitting from the content. It gives us a real shot in the arm, and some great practical resources to move forward with our parish vision.” Bishop Michael Dooley from Dunedin Diocese in New Zealand says, “The Covid Pandemic has been challenging but it has directed us to make good use of technology, and this conference offers us a practical way to gather together and learn from one another about the mission Christ calls us to.”
For more Information Please visit or contact the Alive in the Spirit team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.