St Peter's Primary School to celebrate 50 years of learning


Co-principal Jen Roberts said it was an "amazing" place to work.

"It's hard work but it's a beautiful community," Ms Roberts said.

"And the staff are great, and the kids are great, obviously. The excitement is building for them as we approach the date."

Mick Chalkley joined Ms Roberts as co-principal in 2018, and the pair is keen to get pupils involved in the celebrations - bringing back former students and staff to interview or working on other classroom projects to learn more about the history.

St Peter's was established in 1972 as an additional school for St Kilian's Parish and was founded by the Mercy Sisters. Originally the site was all portable classrooms but from 2001 it began a transformation to its current state.

In 2022 the school celebrates its 50th anniversary and there are a number of celebrations to commemorate this exciting event.

"The grades five and six are focusing on people, so that's why they've been interviewing past people from the community," Ms Roberts said.

"Grades three and four are focusing on celebrations and the preps, ones and twos are focusing on the physical building, so they've all got a different area that they are working on."

The students will focus on these key areas and then on July 24, there will be an open day beginning with a Mass at St Kilian's before the congregation heads back to the school for finger food and a tour.

Students will have their semester's work displayed as visitors return to their school as they see everything that has changed over the years like the buildings and the technology, and reminisce on days gone by.

St Peters 50th anniversary
MEMORIES: St Peter's Primary School students Andre and Nikiri Bysouth point out the school photo of their mum.

Excerpt from an article that recently appeared in the Bendigo Advertiser  reproduced with permission.